AMR Westlake Storage Equity

Min. Invest $25,000
Target Hold 36 mo
Annualized Returns 15%
AMR Capital
AMR Capital
AMR Capital
AMR Capital
AMR Capital
AMR Capital

AMR Westlake Storage Equity Project Summary


AMR Westlake Storage Equity, LLC (the “Company”) a Texas Limited Liability Company, was formed to operate as a closed-ended real estate fund. The Company will invest the proceeds from investor subscription commitments, purchased through this offering, into commercial and/or residential development properties throughout Texas, including but not limited to Texas (“TX”). AMR Capital, LLC (“AMR CAPITAL”), a Texas Limited Liability Company, will direct all investments for the Company and act as the managing member and management company through its managing members. The Company is offering a minimum of 66 and a maximum of 76 membership units for $25,000 per unit. The offering price per unit has been arbitrarily determined by the Company See “Risk Factors: Offering Price.”




Membership Units 


Maximum Units Offered: 76


Minimum Units Offered: 66


Price Per Unit: $25,000


Minimum Investment: $25,000


Investment Type: Term: Raise Amount: Targeted ROI:
Preferred Equity
20/80 Waterfall Participation
36 Months $1,900,000 4%

AMR Westlake Storage Equity Financial Summary

Westlake Mini-Storage Financials

Financial Sources

Initial Equity $1,900,000

Financial Uses

Cash Purchase of Land $550,000
Additional Cash as Equity for Construction Loan $600,000
Civil / Planning / Architecture $200,000
Lease up Reserves $300,000

Annualized Yield

Tier 1 ( $0.00 - $0.00 ) 15%

Westlake Market

  • Wealthiest Community in Texas
  • Until 2013, The developable land in Westlake has been controlled by Two Land Owners: Perot and Maguire Partners
  • No Commercial Pads for sale, ever
  • Residential Lots start in the $250’s , Homes are$1m+
  • Dual-Service School zone. Your choice of Southlake-Carroll ISD or Westlake Academy.
  • New Townhome/Condos in Southlake Town Center are selling for over $300psf, renting for over $3,000 per month.
  • Granada Lots (1/2 acre single-family development next door) sold for $250k to $330k in a custom builder lot draw. Over sold by 7 lots in the lot draw.
  • Next mini-storage is located in the next town over, Roanoke, 100% occupied plus a waiting list
  • First mini-storage in Westlake